With a population of well over one billion people, India is a ranking second overpopulated country. There is a crucial part of India slums that is both sad and tough for parents to go through.

Many families and individuals around the world face the nearly impossible task to survive in today’s society. These people live under conditions one can only imagine and yet many of them live their lives with a smile. High mortality rates, insanitation, lack of money, illiteracy and absence of basic human needs are just a few of the concerns that are engraved in the lives of many families. Families and children who reside in slum areas throughout India, are beginning to lose their hope for improvement.

Amrit Sagar Foundation and Amrit Sagar Educational and Charitable Society- India envisions a world as one Society with competent successful and healthy Individuals from all generations. We believe that the best method to improve the quality of life for the current day society and generations to come, is to work in the support of others and help needy individuals and families flourish. We are Ideologically Firm on Our belief in creating Strong and hardworking Individuals for the betterment of today and for the future of our children.

“Even the smallest act of caring for
another person is like a drop of
water, it will make ripples
throughout the entire pond.”

-Jessy and Bryan Matteo

Amrit Sagar Educational and Charitable Society, in cooperation with Little Champ Public School situated in Indrapuram, Uttar Pradesh, India, was inaugurated in 2010. Prior to the amalgamation of Amrit Sagar Educational and Charitable Society and Little Champ Public School, the school had already been trying to raise awareness regarding the lack of availability of education for under privileged children and was seeking help in their growth. Amrit Sagar Educational and Charitable Society (fragment of Amrit Sagar Foundation, Canada) and Little Champ Public School gave a platform to the under privileged children to pursue their desire of education. The school provides pre-school and primary education to these children. Children in the age group of 3-10 years have been provided with uniforms, schoolbags, books and other education articles. Our foundation in coordination with Little Champ Public School is working on improving the infrastructure of the school and making it more comfortable for the students to attend on a daily basis.

This courageous attempt to attain a better life for those in desperate need, was initiated by Mr. Amrit Pal Singh. He acknowledged the problems that the under privileged children and families face in their daily lives and the degree of suffering that they have to bare in order to survive. He began with a vision for a better society with self-sufficient individuals from every generation. He inaugurated his movement towards an improved future by convincing others that they can partake in improving the quality of life for others. He attempted to achieve this through various actions including sponsoring a child. Gradually, he rose awareness among society to become a part of the organization to take part in the betterment of society. He and his team of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals, in India as well as Canada, have and will continue to help in creating awareness and provide guidance to those in need.

He started with a registered charitable trust Amrit Sagar Foundation, the main purpose of Foundation was too create awareness on the 8 million children in India who are out of school – fenced by poverty, illness and misery; they are fighting a daily battle for their survival. He thought that Together, we can bring hope in their lives. Together, we can bring change and make it last forever.

Programs in Canada

In our community, generation gap seems to be increasing day by day. The value of wisdom and the teaching given by our elderly is decreasing and there is a growing disconnect between the elder and younger generation. Our elders’ past has shaped our present and it becomes our responsibility to keep in connection with our seniors to improve their present. The disconnection affects familial relationships and mental health of the elderly.

Amrit Sagar Foundation respects and values our seniors. We aim to maintain the connection with our elderly by organizing various social programs. Amrit Sagar Foundation takes an approach in making a difference in the degree of disconnect between the two generations and finding a common ground between the two ideologically and morally distinctive generations.

Distracted driving is a growing concern in our community. Driving is considered distracted when the driver engages in activities such as texting, talking on the phone, eating/drinking, grooming, etc.

As per National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2010, 80% of collisions involve some form of distraction to the driver. Distracted driving proves to be the cause in about 4 million motor vehicle crashes in North America each year. Distracted driving endangers the lives of not only the drivers and their passengers but also creates a high risk for the lives of the other on the road. In addition to that, it also affects families of both offender and victim.

Amrit Sagar Foundation’s objective is to divert our citizen’s attention towards this crucial issue by providing a better understanding to our citizens.

Bullying is the repeated act of intentionally causing harm to others by means of physical assault, teasing, name-calling and harassment etc.

Bullying can occur in various contexts – school bullying, cyberbullying, workplace bullying, parental bullying, etc.

Bullying has targeted individuals in all phases of life, from school kids to seniors.

Amrit Sagar Foundation aims to create more awareness against bullying in our community by providing various resources to individuals involved in bullying including victims and offenders.

Amrit Sagar Foundation has been working on enhancing quality of life of families under poverty line in India by providing them with necessary resources such as cleanliness, sanitation, clean drinking water, etc. In addition to that, Amrit Sagar Foundation is supporting education of children belonging to needy families in India. Along with providing resources, Amrit Sagar Foundation is creating awareness amongst such communities to maintain and improve their family’s quality of life .